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My name is
Oscar Ibe Kemjika.

I am the founder of iBE-FiT.


I am a certified personal trainer and Fitness professional. I have also been an athlete almost all my life. I love fashion and have always believed that what we wear goes a long way to identify the way we think about ourselves and the way we are perceived by others.

Growing up as an athlete & fan of Marvel & DC comic characters, I've always wanted to get a sense of the that inner superhero and nothing proved more effective than the type of apparel I wore. A Spider-man T-shirt made me feel I could save everyone around me. As I grew older, I created an inner hunger for something of my own creation that could give me the same feeling. 

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Amidst all my accomplishments in my profession, one of utmost importance to me is making it to representing my country at the Olympics. I began this journey a little over 8 years ago and while it has been a long and challenging process, that dream is gradually becoming a reality as I edge closer towards being a part of the 2020 Olympics. 

At every step of the journey, with the numerous awards in track & field from high school, college and other national competitions, the one thing that has kept me moving to become better at what I do is this reminder that nothing can stop me.

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And many times, I had to do that by constantly making declarations and statements about what I can do out loud. So no matter what my body was telling me, I would always scream "I CAN DO THIS", "I AM CAPABLE OF BEATING THIS PERSONAL BEST AND NOTHING CAN STOP ME." And that was where the concept of iBE-FiT came about. The idea that these series of bold statements can be made with the apparel we wear or the actions we take on a daily basis. 

Tapping into the inner strength empowered by the outer garment that reads "iBE-FiT" was a constant reminder that I have the ability to create, complete, compete & conquer anything! Outward projection stemmed from an inward positive belief has always moved me in the direction of achieving my goals.

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* Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science




* NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

* NASM Golf Fitness Specialist

* CPR/AED & First Aid

* Certified Holistic Health Consultant